наб. Северной Двины, 78, Архангельск, Архангельская обл., Россия, 163000 12:00–00:00 +7 8182 40-78-40

About restaurant

Restaurant “Pochtovaya Kontora 1786” is situated in the historical downtown of Arkhangelsk, in the building of the historical and cultural monument of the same name, on one of the oldest streets of the city – the Shopping street, nowadays – the Embankment of the Northern Dvina. It is an island of tranquility with 230-year history.

We offer original dishes of European cuisine, dishes of Russian cuisine in a modern feed, homemade desserts and a rich selection of wines, hard drinks and exclusive cocktails . You can always be sure that the professionals will recommend you the best gastronomic combinations of food and drinks from our menu and special offers.



Located in the center of Arkhangelsk, but at the same time, at some distance from the bustle of the city, restaurant “Pochtovaya Kontora 1786”, could not be better suited for lunch or dinner, as well as for banquets, celebrations, birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings and any other holidays which want to be celebrated at the worthy level.

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